the numbers

Student loan balances as of September 5, 2013 (aka Birth of the Blog!):

ACS student loan: $962.42 @5.000%

Sallie Mae Federal loans: $53,910.876 @4.625%

Sallie Mae Private loans: $40,153.58 @3.250%

GRAND TOTAL: $95,026.87

The depressing thing is that when I finished graduate school in May of 2006 (7 years ago!), I remember having “about $95k” of total student loan debt. There was “about $15k” from undergrad loans and “about $80k” from grad school. A couple years after finishing grad school, I delayed being a “grown-up” with a steady “grown-up job” for about 4 years when I was traveling the world and racing triathlons, and even plead “economic hardship” on half of my Sallie Mae loans (the one that allowed me to, and it was capped at 3 years). But it’s still sad that I’ve been paying about $250-$466 per month for the LAST SEVEN YEARS and it seems to have made no dent in the original amounts.

Slight update: I ran the original numbers the best I could, but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much it really was since there were multiple loans funding my undergrad education (1999-2003) and then my graduate degree (2004-2006), and always in various states of repayment. You can check out details here, which makes me feel like I actually made a dent on the estimated original $109k.

Still, for the longest time it seems like I’d plateaued at “about $95k”, so now that I’ve said F U to my credit card debt, I can focus on paying down these atrocious student loans.


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