task list

Battling against Sallie Mae, one task at a time! Or actually…three at a time. When one is crossed off, another is born.

#1. Update the student loan numbers. (completed 9/19/13)

#2. Import Sallie Mae loan accounts into Mint.com. (completed 9/27/13)

#3. Get an updated credit score and credit report.

#4. Check on running shoe refund.

#5. Sell the Keurig machine.

#6. Call Sallie Mae to make sure extra payments are directed at the principal and not future payments.

2 thoughts on “task list

  1. This is a follow-up to a comment I sent 7/23. Subject: Community Commerce.

    Most PF bloggers talk about creating a side hustle. Community Commerce is the ultimate side hustle.

    Community Commerce is a term used by MonaVie, a company based on a network marketing business model.

    General knowledge is that this business model does not work out for most people. This is true. The reason is that most people find it more difficult than expected to enroll AND keep people in their network / community.

    Some people think it’s a pyramid scheme, and some companies are. MonaVie is not. There are good companies and bad companies in any business model. MonaVie is a good company.

    I hope you’ll choose to look further into this ultimate side hustle to create an income producing asset. It’s an asset we build together for the common good. Together we can help a lot of people.

    I asked myself three questions as to what would give people a much better shot at being successful with this model:
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    2. How can we minimize the financial risk and
    maximize the earning potential?
    3. What kind of ROI could I expect?

    Here’s what I came up with:
    1. If we first build a large online community of people
    who wish to close the gap between the lifestyle they
    would like to live and their current economic status,
    we could then structure multiple small groups that
    could be assigned to them that would meet
    MonaVie’s requirements for income rankings.

    2. This scenario will minimize the financial risk and
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    3. Finally, this scenario equates to an exceptionally
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