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No student loan interest deduction :'(

So I got my W-2’s back and was really excited about doing my taxes. My coworkers thought I was nuts. I usually get a big refund, that’s why I’m excited! But. Then. This may be the year I owe big. Huge sad face. 😦 😦 😦

On the plus side, I’m making more than I ever have. On the other hand, it bumps me into a new tax bracket. More than the $75,000 threshold where you can deduct any student loan interest!!! Wah!

So….I have yet to punch in the numbers officially (I’ve always done my own taxes) but a simple online tax calculator estimated that I would owe $2300 or so. Wah! I hope it’s wrong!!!

Anyone do their taxes yet? Getting a refund or owing money??