Hello! My name is Jocelyn and I’m a lover of bacon and hater of student loans. I’m in my young 30’s and a recent transplant to the Washington DC area, by way of California (mostly) and a bunch of other states. I’ve got about $95k worth of student loans from my undergrad and master’s degree programs (circa 2006) and 7 years later am finally getting serious about paying them off. I spent some time post-graduation traveling the world whilst chasing my passion of triathlon racing, ignoring the student loans and racking up some consumer debt. Right before my 30th birthday, I decided it was time to settle down, make good use of that expensive education, and start a “big girl job.”

But before I could tackle the student loans, I had accrued over $15k of credit card debt from all my travel and triathlon adventures, and successfully spent  the last 10 months taking it on (see Project FUCCD!). As of September 1, 2013 I can proudly declare that I’m credit card debt free! WHOOP!

So I’ve started a new blog to chronicle my journey towards being free from the student loans. I’m committing to a minimum of a monthly report (on the first Friday of each month) to update you on my progress, and if I’m feeling extra peppy, may even blog once a week…perhaps I’ll think of them as “Finance Fridays”.

THE MAIN CONQUEST: Even though lifespan of my loans is 25-30 years (???) and the interest rates are low (3-5%), the amount that will get paid in interest over that time is ridiculous. (See “the numbers.”) I’m going to take all the money that was previously spent on credit card payments to the student loans, and am hoping to get out of this in 4 years…by the time I’m 35. Self-imposed deadline: my 36th birthday in November of 2017.

Until then, I’ll be living frugally in this expensive area, where I currently cohabitate with my boyfriend in a 600 sq ft studio and still plan to do triathlons for fun (but more frugally). Thanks for reading!


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