No-Spend February! ?!

So I’m pretty sure there was not a new year’s “Happy 2016! this is all the amazing things I’m going to do this year!” blog post yet.

I missed the January/new year’s update, and here we are in February already.

My latest student loan balance today was $66,872.99 which believe it or not, is practically 30% (29.63% to be exact) down from the original balance at the birth of this blog. $28,153.88 paid off in less than 2.5 years. !

Holy crap. That’s kind of incredible to me, from how stagnant that balance had been at $95k for the 7 years between grad school graduation to the start of this blog. And that we paid for both a wedding and new house last year!

Today I deleted the Amazon app off of my iPhone. We had a lot of expenses over the holidays and I got into the habit of buying too many things off Amazon. I’m pretty sure I don’t really need anything else, so I’m going to try some version of a “No Spend February”. No spending on things I want, but don’t really need. (Running race entry fees are ok!)

I’ve got to revisit our budgets again.

Next month is my 1-year anniversary at work and the first employer-paid chunk of student loan repayment. Oooooooh.

2016 will continue our adventures as homeowners (saving up $8500 for The Roof Fund and paying off the furniture we got a 12-month deal on). At some point I’ll have to tackle the taxes too…which will be interesting doing them as a newly married entity (filing jointly?) since we both worked in two different states last year, got married, AND bought a house.
What’s in store for your 2016?


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