October & November update. going sub-68!

November 1st totals: $67,879.21.
That’s a decrease of $333.08 (another $557.14 in minimum payments, with $224.06 of that in interest).

December 1st totals: $67,537.80.
Decrease of another $341.41 (another $557.14 in minimum payments, $215.73 in interest).

Overall, I’ve paid off 28.93% of my original debt and $27,489.07 since the birth of this blog!

Allrighty then! So October… blogging during the honeymoon totally DID NOT HAPPEN! But we had a good time nonetheless. We had prepaid the condo at the beach and some wedding gift money left over that we used for dinner etc. That actually got way expensive…we ate out for lunch and dinner almost every day, and the last few days I freaked out a little bit because of the dwindling budget. So we then went cheapo for a couple days (ordering Chinese take-out and hitting up Chick Fil-A, which we both enjoy LOL).

Since it is already December, no use writing two blogs about each month. A lot of the big expenses seemed to hit in early November. There was the big furniture bill (which we did finance…no interest for 12 months but we need to contribute between $400-500 each month), the Lowe’s credit card for new house stuff, the big credit card I mentioned from last month, and our first utilities bill.

I’m not too alarmed that I’m only paying the minimum on the student loans since my employer will be helping to pay these down, with a big chunk once a year on my work anniversary (coming up in March). I’ll re-evaluate then, but in the meantime, I’ve got a bunch of other expenses to worry about.

November, we’ve been getting the handle on all the new costs of being a new homeowner (and newlywed!). Of course we just had the dryer die on us a few weeks ago and ended up buying a new one. Turns out the homeowner’s warranty was kind of crappy…and so was the dryer that died. It was better to replace it completely than to keep paying high deductibles for fixing the crappy dryer! Luckily there were already Black Friday’s deals at Lowe’s, AND I had a 10% coupon from the new mover coupons! It is much more energy efficient and has a cool steaming function. 🙂 No ironing, please!

We also got to host Thanksgiving dinner for my in-laws in the new house! I absolutely loved it…we love being homeowners and truly having a place to call our own. I probably went to the market 3 or 4 times just for the big Turkey Day, but it was all worth it, and hopefully these leftovers last us through this next week, because that was a high grocery bill!

It’s been a tough juggling act managing all these new expenses and the new living situation, I’ll admit. We have more debt now, most of it is interest-fee, so my goal for December is to tackle the rest of the debt that does carry interest, and we can start the new year fresh!

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