A Wrench in the Wedding Planning


Just as we are 5 days away from the “4 months to go!” mark, and I was actually getting excited about flowers, for crying out loud (isn’t the blue and purple so pretty???), we got word that there are construction delays at our original venue. CRAP. This had been locked in like a whole YEAR ago and was one of the first things we had checked off the list. We always knew there were renovations about to be done…and the delays were adding up but we were just in touch in early April and everything looked good, they promised things would be done by Mid-September.

Now of course there are now foundation issues and they will probably still be renovating the house… Ugh… We are still welcome to use their space, but no guarantees what will be done and not done!

Just trying to breathe here…and figure out where else we can get married that doesn’t gouge my eyeballs out. So many places are like $6,500-$8,500 just for the venue, or $100 per person!

I know there are brides that plan things in just 4 months, right?!?

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