Monthly Archives: April 2015

Rent-free fist bump!

Woohoo, I have some great news! While our place near DC still has not been rented out in two months, our landlord has been very reasonable and decided to give us back our security deposit this week and let us off the hook in paying the rent for the remainder of the lease. Wow, since when does that ever happen?! It pays to be amazing tenants!!

This is such a huge relief for us financially, with the random costs of moving, the unexpected Cali trip and our upcoming wedding. Now that we are rent-free (house-sitting for Mr. Bacon’s dad), we can pay off the credit card balance and my bike next month, then June through August will all go to the wedding fund! Looks like we’ll be able to move out by the end of August too! Super exciting!

Anyone else have amazing news or an awesome landlord??

March update: the good, the bad, the ugly!

March was tough. If you remember my February post being so overdue, most of the headaches were already chronicled in that! Luckily I did check my balance a week and a half ago, so as of early April (the 2nd), my updated total in loans was $70,216.29. That only accounts for one of my student loan payments, and is a decrease of $195.65. Not much, but we are playing the pay-the-minimum game while we’re going through this transitional phase! Luckily, I locked in my student loan payoff deal with the boss, so I can at least not stress about that so much.

So while February was the stress of moving, March was the stress of settling in. We decided to move in with Mr. Bacon’s dad and stepmom at their main house (within 3 miles of my new job), since they end up moving full-time to their beach house over the summer (starting in early spring). Spring has been in hibernation here though, so March was spent semi-awkwardly trying to live together, which meant we ended up eating out a lot. (I like to cook, but it’s awkward sharing someone else’s kitchen!)

We ate out a lot, I bought some new work clothes, and then also had the unexpected flight expenses back to California for my grandma’s funeral. We tapped a little bit out of our savings fund since Mr. Bacon doesn’t have a regular full-time job yet (but he is side hustling like crazy! or is it just hustling?) but also had charge the flights onto our credit card. Hey, at least we get points! But unfortunately, it’s a huge balance we can’t pay off right away. BOOOOO!

Yeah–a lot of extra and not-usual spending due to all those factors. On the PLUS side (finally, some positivity!), I at least got paid for a full month of work during this transition. Despite not working for a week in between jobs, I got my last paycheck from the previous job early in March (it was for half a pay period), and the following week I got my first paycheck (also half a pay period) for the new job. Then I got my first full paycheck before the end of March!

Awesome! So the plan this month (April) is to pay off at least half of that stupid credit card balance (it’s up to $3,100) and keep crossing our fingers that our place we were renting in MD gets rented out. Then this no-rent living situation will finally be the big bonus we need! And also help Mr. Bacon however I can to get some full-time work. We also need to nail down a caterer and tent company for the wedding.

I am also trying to settle in a little better. And not let all this moving and financial and wedding stress get to me. Things will get better, I know they will! Thanks for reading!