Monthly Archives: March 2015

Employment Contract…SIGNED!

Well, today was the day. I’ve been working at my new job for about 4 weeks now and really enjoying it. I’m being challenged, I’m respected by my colleagues, and I feel appreciated. Work has been great and I enjoy the people I’m working with!

That’s a good thing too, because today I signed the employment contract, which has a “special compensation clause” to pay back $50k of my student loans over the next 5 years (see “negotiating like a PAWN star“). I won’t get the first 10k until the first anniversary of my return to work here, and if I do decide to leave before the 5 years is up, I have to pay back the money that’s been disbursed, PLUS 3%. Yikes!

Luckily I have no intention to break that contract, and actually feel good about knowing we’ll be staying in the same physical location for the next 5 years. Job security at a place I enjoy! Win-win!

long overdue February/moving update!

WHOOPS! Where did the last 4 weeks go?! What a blogging disaster! We did our big move during that last week in February, and the night before the moving truck left our old digs in the DC area, we found out my dear grandmother had passed away on the other side of the country. 😦

We loaded and unloaded the moving truck the next day, and after two days of work at the new job, a cross country flight and funeral later, we were back on a flight to Philadelphia (the nearest airport to us in Delaware), and back at the new job, tired and jet-lagged, emotionally and physically exhausted.

It was well worth it to spend the money on the last-minute flights in order to see my family and pay respects to Grandma, but that definitely set us back unexpectedly by over $2,000…!

Overall, I was so frazzled going into March that I didn’t even remember to check what my student loans balance was until St. Patrick’s Day (past the middle of the month!). I’m down to $70,411.94, which is $498.60 less than last month’s update. It seems more than the usual minimum payments, but it’s not, because I was supposed to report my balance at the beginning of the month, before the first of the two monthly payments goes in (on the 9th of the month). So that’s with 1.5 months worth of minimum payments. $300.46 of it is interest. Yech.

Budget-wise, we ate out a lot more (this will ring true for March as well), but bought less groceries. And paid a lot for the travel expenses for our California trip. Moving expenses didn’t turn out to be too bad, and I’ll save that for another post soon. Otherwise, we are still waiting for our condo in Bethesda to get rented out, and in the meantime are staying with Mr. Bacon’s parents rent-free. More soon! Happy springtime, everyone!