Redux: Living with the parentals?

So with the new job beginning in March, we looked at our housing options. It will be back in Mr. Bacon’s hometown, and his father lives only a couple miles from what will be my company’s headquarters (and later 5 miles away from my new office, once it opens up). FFIL Bacon (future-father-in-law!) also has a beach house about 1.5 hours away and intends to live there full-time during the summer with Mr. Bacon’s stepmom (though whether he does or not is to be seen! He is considered “semi-retired” and has been known to go back and forth some).

Anyway, FFIL Bacon has offered us up the main house to stay in, rent-free, provided Mr. Bacon mows the lawn (which he loves to do). We hemmed and hawed, as it would be nice to have our own place, but in the end finances won out, and we figured, even if we could last 3-4 months there, that would let us save up for the wedding fund!

Remember when I was hesitant about moving back in with the parentals? Back in October, I was thinking MY parentals (in California) and not HIS. So this will be an interesting twist! But we will do it as long as we can, and hopefully it works out and isn’t too awkward. Heck, if we can last through September (our wedding), we may even have enough to grow our down payment/housing fund!

That’s the plan for now. We don’t have a horrendous amount of stuff (we’ve only filled a studio, and then our current one-bedroom condo), so we’ll put our stuff in storage and see how long we can stick it out!


3 thoughts on “Redux: Living with the parentals?

    1. Thanks Petrish! I was doing more wedding planning this weekend with my Maid of Honor and going over the budget for photographers and a tent rental…phew…that’s enough to motivate me to stay at his dad’s house through our wedding!!


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