Taxes have been done!


On a Friday (Jan 23rd), I got my W-2. I spent the next day, Saturday morning, doing my taxes. It was not crazy like last year, when I owed over $2500 (see “ouch, my taxes!“). Nope, not so bad at all. This year I owed Maryland $216 and actually got a $24 REFUND from the feds! Say, what!

It was amazing how quickly my returns were accepted too, when you do them as early as the end of January. Within half an hour of submitting them, they were both accepted. I just checked my account yesterday, and saw that within a week, I got my huge $24 refund (Jan 30th).

Not too shabby at all. Next January, I am looking forward to seeing what our tax situation will be like, since we are getting married and that’s supposed to come with all kinds of tax benefits right? Spouses with benefits! 😉


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