Escape Plan: ACTIVATED!

Things have escalated in just the last 6 weeks and I know there are at least 5 of us that are pretty disgruntled at work. Which is pretty bad considering it’s a small company of maybe 20 employees, max! Back in November, I was happily oblivious and had no inclination of getting the hell outta here. Figured I was making good pay, getting some good experience, would stick it out through our two-year lease on the condo (which isn’t up until April 2016, about 6 months after we get married)…

And now the shit has hit the fan.

Things have gotten worse since the unofficial annual review, with being maybe the only employee to not get a Christmas bonus (?!?), and this week having a one-on-one meeting with the supervisor looking at the business plan for 2015 (which only confirmed that I’m ready to leave). So instead, I am following through with the lead I mentioned in my last post and have officially activated the Escape Plan!

On the agenda:

  1. Finalize the new job details and get an offer letter in writing.
  2. Find someone to take over our lease at the condo.
  3. Help Mr. Bacon get relocated through his current company (they have multiple locations).
  4. Give notice at my current job… 2-4 weeks.
  5. Find a new apartment.
  6. Pack up, move out, and get outta here!

On the bright side, last night I went to happy hour with a friend who works in the same field as I do, but as a federal employee. We found out that I make over $30k more than she does as I work in the private sector! WHOA! Then again, I do have 4 more years of experience than she does. Fascinating for having the same certification.

I did talk with our pretty awesome landlord, and he was congratulatory and very cool about us breaking the lease early. There’s not a penalty in our lease agreement, however by Maryland law, he is bound to charging us for any unpaid rent until a new tenant takes over. But he seemed to think it wouldn’t be a problem finding someone at all, as usually posting a month in advance has given him some good leads. We are aiming for me to start the new gig March 2nd. Tick tock BOOM!


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