Snow Day #1 of 2015!

Good morning, snowy DC! It’s our first snow day of the winter (we didn’t have any the second half of 2014), so as is customary on snow days, I shall take a few minutes from “working from home” to update my little place in cyberspace. 😉

I have a really great lead on a new job opportunity that will take us back to an area with a much more desirable cost of living, slower lifestyle, and nice places to live within a very reasonable commute! We’re talking $1050/month in rent for a 2-bedroom/2-bath “luxury apartment” that was only built in 2013. There is even a rent-to-own program for brand new beautiful homes in that same new development. Check this craziness out:

cheaper homes

WTF, right? Not just real houses, BRAND NEW GIGANTIC real houses!

Now compare that to where we are at right now…we’re paying $1500 to rent a one-bedroom, one-bath condo that is definitely not a brand new “luxury apartment”, and I’ve seen 2-bed/2-bath “luxury apartments” in this area go for about $2650. What the WHAT?! Not to mention that I recently drove by a neighborhood with brand new construction homes about 20 minutes from work and this is their starting price for something similar to above:

not cheap

It is ridiculous that a similar product in a different geographic location can cost 2.5x more! Anyway, this is what we are currently striving for. We’ve realized we are not really city/traffic folks (well we already knew that, but it’s reaffirmed on a daily basis) and the only thing holding us here was my job, which isn’t so awesome any more.

That’s the update for now, more developments to come very soon!


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