I said YES to the DRESS!

So…yes! I got my dress just last weekend! True to my last “getting hitched” update, it was under my $500 budget. Unlike my very first (and uber naïve) “getting hitched” update, it was not under $150, nor was it a halter style top!

This was the 3rd wedding dressing shopping trip: first one was in Maryland with my Maid of Honor and a couple local girlfriends at David’s Bridal. I didn’t know what I wanted and was against the idea of strapless. But all the strappy ones looked weird. On the same trip, MOH and I also stopped at this random dress shop in a mall, where I did try a halter-style dress, and it was also kind of weird. The second trip was in California with my mom and sister, and I started to realize that strapless  actually did look the best on me! And I’ve been assured by many people that as long as it’s fitted correctly (tight enough!) in the torso, it will NOT slip down constantly (my main small-chested fear).

This last trip was in Delaware with a very good friend of me and Mr. Bacon. We originally planned to go to this great boutique that many of our Delaware friends had recommended, and we were impressed just booking the appointment! During the phone call, they ask you several questions: how many people will be coming with you, what size dress do you wear, and what’s your budget? So my friend had made the phone call and it wasn’t until she was confirming the appointment a couple days before that she mentioned my budget. Well, turns out they could only offer “nontraditional dresses” for $500, as they started at $1200 to $1500! Whew…no thank you. We decided to book an appointment at David’s Bridal in Delaware instead.

It was a super busy Saturday morning, and I had to share my consultant Kim with another bride, but she was AMAZING. There were a few I had perused online and printed out, so Kim pulled out as many of the ones I liked that were in stock (3 or 4?). I really wanted this one…because…OMG RUFFLES! Detachable train with RUFFLES!


It was discontinued from previous seasons and they had a size 6 (I’m between a 6 and an 8), it would’ve been on sale for $349 (down from $849!). Then Kim asked if I wanted to try on more…and I figured, why not! She was really attentive to what I liked and didn’t like, and what she thought would look good on me.

I ended up buying one that she picked out! It was a really close contest between mine and the ruffly-train dress…but this one actually made my chest look more substantial, and the top was so pretty! It was a size 8 and also discontinued, on clearance for $499 down from $799. I was sad to give up the ruffles in the back…but got some mini ruffle action in the front!


The dress just fit me better overall (you will have to wait til September for more pics, can’t spoil the surprise!) and I’ll only need minimal alterations (where the ruffly one would’ve needed more). One of the best parts (for us personal finance geeks!) was that 5 hours later, I was checking out the dress on my phone and realized there was a $50 coupon I could’ve used. I called them back and they said to print out the coupon, and they would honor it.

Yes! So my dress was $449 (no sales tax, thanks Delaware!) and I got it with 10 months to go. Whoop whoop! Because it was discontinued, I actually got to take it home (well, it’s at Georgia’s home for safekeeping, so Mr. Bacon doesn’t accidentally see it) instead of putting in an order and waiting another 6 to 12 weeks.

I did also just see that there were Black Friday crazy sales online (one week after I bought mine), and both of the dresses were an additional 50% off! But of course they only had sizes 0 and 14 left, so I think I did good. REALLY GOOD! 😀

4 thoughts on “I said YES to the DRESS!

  1. Oh my gosh, congratulations, Jocelyn!! The top is so beautiful, I can’t wait to see the rest of it!! I don’t know if you’re already on it, but definitely check out Ebates if you do any online shopping – for stuff for my bridal party or whatnot, I went there first and got a hundred or so back on purchases I would have bought, anyway. Beautiful dress, my dear, can’t wait to read about more wedding planning!! 🙂


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