Wedding update! 10 months to go!

Oh, no, I haven’t had a “getting hitched” update in over 3 months!

So much has happened already, even though I feel like we still have so much to do! I’m going to reiterate what we’ve already done, so I feel better:

1. Found a wedding venue. Cost: $0!

IMG_06552. We took our engagement photos! Cost: $0!

20140926 - jockev-9 20140926 - jockev-33 20140926 - jockev-42

Obviously, there are close-ups too, but I like to remain semi-incognito on this blog. ūüėČ The photographer is the fraternity brother and very close friend of my little brother, who did it gratis as a favor to my brother and to build up his portfolio. We did it when we were in California visiting my family, and he did say to consider him for the wedding as he was willing to travel. So we will definitely look into that as he gave us about 60 of his¬†best shots and they were all pretty darn awesome!

3. We constructed our personal wedding website through and bought a custom URL. Cost: $19.99

4. We¬†decided on our guest list and capped it at 80 people. Remember originally I said 50? We’re hoping for only 60, and the property owners of our venue think 80 is reasonable. It’s still only 40 people for each of us, which is only 20 couples. Yikes! But we pared it down and got everybody’s addresses. Yes!

5. We designed the Save The Date cards through, bought 60 of them, plus 280 return address labels with a cute heart on it, and sent out 40 of them out already. Mom had given me craploads of stamps (huzzah!) when I was at home, which will help as stamps ain’t cheap!

The STD’s (save the dates, teehee) cost only $34.50 for 60 of them, printed front AND¬†back, with an upgraded type of a paper (premium white matte stock), and included the envelopes. I was impressed I could use a 25% off coupon, and that printing on the back of the cards was FREE, as were the envelopes! I was only going to buy 50 of them, but ended up getting 10 extra for like an additional $4. They’ll go good in scrapbooks, right?

The address labels were $13, and I know we’ll be using them for the invitations and thank you cards down the line. Then there was $9.99 shipping and handling. Not bad. I didn’t pay for expedited shipping and they came within 5 days anyway!

6. We found a cupcake¬†place! The best part of wedding planning, right? We want to do cupcakes and ice cream cake, and have tried 6 different “cupcakeries”. We live right by Georgetown Cupcake, which is amazing, but also amazingly expensive. We also tried two other cupcake places in town (Bethesda, MD area) and Mr. Bacon has a friend that also has her own cupcake side business. We totally wanted to love her cupcakes because they were soooo much cheaper¬†($17 per dozen vs. $32 at Georgetown!), but apparently after the 3rd cupcake place, we were becoming cupcake connoisseurs. ūüėÄ

Just yesterday, we did our first scouting trip to Easton with Mr. Bacon’s father and stepmom (more on this below) and tried two cupcake bakeries right in town. The one place that offered a complimentary tasting (5 free cupcakes!) actually ended up being the last place we tried, and the best! (Or at least, a close second to Georgetown Cupcake!) I know, we’ve probably already spent $80 just trying out all these cupcakes. ūüėČ Anyway, these ones had amazing flavors (we loved the cookies & cream, peanut butter chocolate, and pumpkin!), great cake texture, size, and proportion¬†of frosting vs. cake. They are $25/dozen and only 5 miles from our venue.

7. Wedding dress shopping is coming along! I mentioned in July I tried on dresses when Miss Maid of Honor was in town. We just went to David’s Bridal with a couple of my local girlfriends, so I could get an idea of what I liked. I still would like to pay $500 (maximum!) for a dress, and found a one-shoulder dress I loved for $499. Then I found out a local triathlete girl I am starting to train with just got married in the SAME DRESS earlier this year! Can’t do it! It’s not special any more!

Next I went dress shopping with my mom and sister when I was home in California in September. I found a couple dresses I liked, one of them is listed at $599 (or $534 online), but I will also be going next weekend in Delaware (in Mr. Bacon’s hometown). As you might know, there is no sales tax in Delaware! So hoping to find something there I love at a price I love. After two dress shopping experiences, I am getting an idea of what I like!

8. The scouting trip yesterday: well, we still need to find a caterer, look at hotels¬†and¬†a shuttle bus. We tried a BBQ place yesterday, but the area around our venue is super pricey. I thought a BBQ buffet would be fairly affordable, but it turns out that this particular restaurant caters through a company¬†called “Gourmet by the Bay”. Not so affordable-sounding! Mr. Bacon’s dad then wanted to see if booking a restaurant for the reception would be any easier or less expensive (this was before he saw the venue and how gorgeous it is!).

We ended up looking around, he wanted to look at places by the water (and today just confirmed he will help pay for the wedding, HOORAY!!!) and we ended up stopping by this super duper fancy schmancy place that has a $68,000 beverage and food MINIMUM. WHAT. THE. F….CK! I owe more than that in student loans! Anyway, it ended up being a bad weekend timing-wise to check out the town (it’s the one weekend each year that the little town has this huge waterfowl festival and all the main streets were closed off), but it seems like there’s a lot of internet research that can be done before the next trip. Now that we’ve got Mr. Bacon’s Dad on board, he is semi-retired and bored, and wants to help out with both¬†the planning and cost. Which is amazing!

Whew! Anyway, that’s enough of an update for now. I’ll check back in next month! December’s tasks include getting quotes on the food, hotels, and transportation!

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