October recap, and I can smell sub-70 soon…!

Oops, I forgot to check my student loan balance until today (instead of the first of the month), and it is now down to $71,876.08! I was able to do my planned $1500 extra payment and so the total decrease since October 1st is $1,792.95. Yay! But darn, it would’ve been over $1,800 if I checked what the balance was on November 1st! (Because it accrues over $8 per day…)

Oh, boy. $71-something! I love when I get close to paying off another 10 grand. So close to it happening for next month, but it probably won’t. Because as good as I was for most of October, there was enough that happened that will probably eat into my extra payment for this month. But that’s life.

You know, there was the car thing that happened…if you read into the comments of that post, you’ll see that luckily, I DID NOT NEED A NEW TRANSMISSION. PHEW! It ended up costing $643 instead of the potential $3k to $5k. I still hyperventilate thinking about it! So that was $643 that I wasn’t planning to spend…

Then there was a trip to North Carolina for my half ironman triathlon. Which was amazing! We drive with two other friends (who are also dating), and split the costs, so it wasn’t too bad. Our travel costs for me and Mr. Bacon ended up being $167 for 3 nights of hotel (half at $99/night) and about $100 for gas. Mr. Bacon paid for most of our meals.

Heh heh…then there was the triathlon aftermath. I did so well and Mr. Bacon was so excited that we pulled the trigger and he encouraged me to register for another half ironman next summer! Race fees are always cheaper when registration first opens, so it was the $199 pricing. And my USA Triathlon membership expired, so I actually spent another $45 to renew it for next year. Another $250 gone!

But it is all good. A reliable car is a necessity and triathlons make me happy. Some of those “unexpected expenses” went on the credit card (which gets paid off every month and gives us airline miles to visit my family), which is why I still ended up making an awesome extra payment last month, but anticipate that this month’s won’t be quite as awesome.

Oh…and I forgot to mention, MY BASEBALL TEAM WON THE WORLD SERIES! Go San Francisco Giants! So…I may have spent another $65 on “World Series Champions” souvenirs. 😉 It’s a pretty big deal! 3rd World Series win in 5 years, and this year was the closest I really followed it since the end of the regular season.

In another news, I’m impressed I actually blogged 4x last month here. I am also impressed we are moving along with wedding stuff. That, I can save for another post! Hope your October was pretty swell too and that no one else has car troubles…those are the worst!


2 thoughts on “October recap, and I can smell sub-70 soon…!

  1. Hey….every penny counts. Someday you’re going to be able to do the happy dance and say in your face to debt…..Congrats on the blogging. I have been struggling big time, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back to what I love.

    I had to come over quick and stalk your website to make sure I didn’t miss anything….wrong looks like I missed a lot. With the wedding plans, make sure you remember to have fun while you plan.

    One of your fans!


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