FML, Honda Fit issues!

I just took my car in to get serviced 3 weekends ago (it had hit over 90k miles and I’ve been driving it a lot for work). Over $900 for the maintenance + brake fluid replacement, but the car needed some TLC. It was feeling great, smooth, pretty amazing. Went on a short girls’ weekend road trip a couple weekends ago, and it was feeling super smooth.

To cap off what would’ve been a great and relaxing 3-day weekend, the check engine light came on yesterday afternoon, the D for drive kept flashing on and off (even if the car was in Park, Reverse, or Neutral) and it made this Ka-CHUNK sound every time the car shifted (it’s an automatic transmission).

ARGH! Took it in to the dealer immediately and they were able to diagnose it as a transmission “clutch pressure” switch that needed to be replaced, for $700. But it was able to be done last night. Fine…but when I went to pick it up right before closing, they had realized it might be something MORE…. so they immediately refunded my $700 and now I’m on standby until later this morning when they call and tell me what’s really wrong. One guy mentioned they might need to replace the whole transmission.

NOOOOO! At which point, Mr. Bacon thinks it’s time to trade the car in. NOOOOO! Hondas are supposed to last forever! It’s a 2007 Honda Fit Sport with 92,000+ miles on it. It’s paid off and I like not having a car payment every month. But I’m afraid to dump $3,000+ into a car that may end up having more problems. Is it too much ask for it to last 3-5 more years? Just give me more time to pay off my student loans, pay for a wedding and buy a house, please!


5 thoughts on “FML, Honda Fit issues!

  1. do you always take your car to the dealer? I’ve never once found them to be economical and I only use them when I have the warranty. $900 for maintenance sounds like highway robbery to me. I have a 2006 Honda Accord, with almost 115K miles, and the most I’ve spent, besides oil changes, was like $150 for a part that needed to be fixed.

    1. Hey Erika! Good news is that my transmission is okay. I think it was really just a stall tactic and they didn’t have my car ready when I came to pick it up. I hate going to the dealership, but I previously just went to my uncles’ auto shop for everything when I lived in California. Mr. Bacon is the one that insists on going to the dealership since we don’t know who’s honest and reliable. But now I have a coworker who has a great recommendation. Sucks when you are new in the area and don’t know who to trust! The $900 maintenance was like $600 for the 90k mile maintenance plus extra for a new battery and brake fluid flush. I know…such a rip-off! But at least after this bad experience, Mr. Bacon agrees we are never going back to the dealership!


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