On second thought, moving back in with the parents may be a good idea?!

After two days of perusing housing prices in the SF Bay Area, we realized we’d have to save at least $50k to $60k to afford a 10% down payment on a place in a decent location. At least 2 bedrooms. Condo or townhouse would be ok, single family home–better. Holy crap.

My mom’s always had a standing offer for us to move back home and save money for a house (she reminds us at least once a month), and I’ve been against it for so long. Because who wants to be in their 30’s and just married and living with their parents?

But after realizing what kind of down payment we needed…and crunching the ridiculous numbers (the housing fund being nonexistent at the moment)…hey, we could just put all my income to the housing fund for a solid 12 months and have what we need! And use Mr. Bacon’s income for spending. WOW!!!

Anyone else save a butt-load of money living with their parents at an awkward age and stage of your life? I know a ton of friends that did this post-college (their early 20’s) but not too many over 30.


6 thoughts on “On second thought, moving back in with the parents may be a good idea?!

  1. We seriously considered it, and probably would have, but ended up living in a shack (a studio in someone’s backyard) and paying only $1200 in rent, so we were still able to save a lot. I lived with my parents until I was 25, and was able to save enough to buy a car and finally move out. It’s expensive yo! Try it out for six months, if at the end of six months you’re pulling your hair out, then find a cheap place to live until you can save up enough cash for a house. We also need to save $50-60k for 10% down payment, and it would have been done so much faster if we had lived with our parents!

    1. thanks!! I’m starting to come really warm up to the idea. My parents aren’t even home much of the time (my dad works in Burbank and is only home every other weekend, and my grandmother has been sick, so my mom takes care of her 4-5 nights per week) so it may not be like “high school all over again” like it has been when I moved home after college. 😉 I think we would do 6 months minimum, 12 months max. I figure we would need time there in the interim anyway, to figure out what part of the Bay we want to live in and have time to shop around. I wouldn’t even know where to rent! But that depends on where our jobs are too…

  2. I did this, but with my college boyfriend’s parents, and it was SO challenging but totally worth it. Sure, it would have been awesome to have our own place for those 12 months…but owning our own place for the rest of our lives?! Way cooler.


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