I finally checked my credit score. It’s 789! I feel like I just did awesome on my SAT’s!! (Yeah, for you younger readers, the highest score on the SAT’s back in the 90’s was 800.) ok, I know that the highest credit score is 850 but I’m still very much in the “excellent” range. Yay!


3 thoughts on “789!!

  1. is that your real or notional score? The individual credit bureau scores are mostly always higher than what you’ll get when applying for a loan, depending on which scoring agency the lender uses. My 3x bureau score was 154 when I signed up for a home equity loan, when they ran it, it came back as 142 which cost me one quarter of one percent additional interest. I’ve never drawn on the loan and so not paid any interest, which as you know, I think is the devils crack!

    1. Interest is the devil’s crack! for sure! I don’t know if it’s the real or notional score. It’s just the free one from CreditKarma.com. It will be a couple years before we actually apply for a home loan…


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