July makes sub 80k! even sub 79k!

Sadly for the blogging world, this once-a-month update is what’s it’s come down to this summer. But it’s summer time, triathlon season is in full swing (yay), and work continues to work me way too hard (boo). Still, my monthly finance reports are enough to keep me accountable and are my bare minimum for keeping the blog going!

So YES, I AM FINALLY UNDER $80K!!! Whoop whoop! I even snuck in under $79k with a new total of $78,807.33 (balance checked on August 4th). I think I’m a little behind on my original game plan, but you can’t deny that it’s progress since the starting balance of over $95k. I put $1,815.90 toward Sallie Mae, but $293.81 of it was interest, so only $1,522.09 went to my balance. Still trying to get my monthly contribution (minus interest) over that $1500 hump!

July marked the beginning of real wedding planning. My bestie and Maid of Honor flew in from Texas, so we tried on dresses, looked at invitations, and sampled tons of cupcakes. I went over in the various dining out budgets for obvious reasons and was also $57 over in the grocery budget (however that includes $50 to renew my Costco membership, so I was actually pretty good).

I went over in the “Fun Fund” as I paid for another triathlon entry fee ($117 for an Olympic tri), but this is most likely the last entry fee I’ll pay for 2014 as I’ve paid for races through next February at this point! And I really do need to set up some sort of “Triathlon Fund…” imaginary or whatnot!

I’m glad I do look over my budgets once a month because I realized that I was fingerprinted for work ($45) and need to get reimbursed for that.

In cohabitation news, we finally opened up a joint checking account! This is just to help us split up the household expenses (i.e. rent) better. We also put together a fairly rudimentary wedding budget ($4,850) but still have to do more research and decide what we can cut (like I don’t think we really need a DJ) to make things feasible. I actually took our outfits out of the wedding budget as I felt that however we got married (huge ceremony or eloping), I’d still buy the same dress. So the budget is more for the ceremony and reception/party we’re throwing. And my dress budget is still under $500 and I’m sticking to it!

That’s the scoop! Just chipping away at it… Until next time!


3 thoughts on “July makes sub 80k! even sub 79k!

  1. Wow~ a triathlon. I don’t even jog, so I’m just amazed at how you work out and get excited about it. Good for you.
    Also great job with your school loan. I sometimes feel really good about the progress I have made, but some other times I feel like I still have a lot left. I just need to focus on the positives and move forward.
    I’m glad you have supportive bridesmaids and are having a great time. Enjoy it~

    1. Thanks Michelle! Definitely learning to find balance in what I’m willing to spend more $$ on and when to save. Which goes for triathlons and the wedding. Hope you are well!!


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