Emptying and “Shopping” My Fridge

So it’s nearly the middle of the month and I’ve only spent $140 of the allotted $500 grocery budget thus far. I usually hit up the grocery store at least once a week, but last weekend, thought “You know what? Let’s keep eating everything in the fridge, freezer, and pantry until we REALLY need to go food shopping.”

I was about to go on Sunday when I did inventory of our freezer and saw we still had a ton of Costco burgers, shrimp, flounder, hot dogs, pork chops, some chicken nuggets and tator tots and chicken tenders, and green beans. In the fridge was red cabbage, red bell peppers, onions, bacon, avocado and guacamole. There’s rice and taco shells in the pantry, amongst other snacks. PLENTY of food to last through Friday! (We are headed out of town Friday night to do a wedding scouting trip, YAY!)

So kind of like Michelle’s “Shop My Closet Project“, I’m just “shopping my fridge” before getting some more stuff. The next grocery trip will probably be a big one to replenish what we’ve got, but it’s amazing how much food we still have when we think we’re “running low” and need to get more.

Anything else wait to go grocery shopping until they absolutely are out of food??


8 thoughts on “Emptying and “Shopping” My Fridge

  1. I love this! We really could do this with all of the non perishables in our pantry! I saw on some show on Netflix (I think it was extreme cheapskates) but a couple once a month would have like a free week. They wouldn’t spend a single penny during that week. They would have to survive all week on the food and products that are left over in their house. I think that is awesome! 😀

    1. LOL, Extreme Cheapskates! I’ve watched it a couple times and cringe so bad. But a no-spend week would be amazing! You should definitely try cleaning out your pantry, helps keep you from having old expired stuff in the house 🙂

  2. I’ve been trying to eat most of everything we have before going grocery shopping especially with meat and veggies. I still end up throwing stuff away, but got much better than last year.

    1. You know, I used to be really against frozen stuff (meat and veggies) but started to realize that I wasn’t cooking and eating the fresh stuff fast enough before it went bad! I read somewhere that meat and veggies are frozen at the peak of freshness so I’ve definitely incorporated them in our staples 🙂

  3. I no longer maintain a grocery store at my house anymore. My fridge and pantry contain what I need. I only stock up when mother nature threatens to cut up. I know that is not the best way to live, but trust me…..it sure keeps the food expense down to a minimum.

    1. Yeah, my mom used to overflow both refrigerators we had at home and there was always old expired stuff in the freezer! I think people that grow up poor (like my parents) end up being food hoarders. I’m still trying to use up all we have, but I did just restock the freezer with a Costco trip!


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