April Anguish, an embarassing update :(


April was terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. New balance: $82,856.75. I paid off $956.63 ($1265 in payments but $309 in interest, bleah). On the bright side, I’m under $83k and have paid off 12.8% of my original loan debt when this blog started. And $956 down is much better than the big fat ZERO in February

…BUT, I put over $800 on my credit cards. My savings (AKA “emergency fund”) is down to $350. So doesn’t that mean I’ve depleted my emergency fund and really paid less than $50 towards debt?! 😦

As my last several posts in April hinted at, it was nothing but expense after expense after expense. There were the huge tax payments I owed, preceded by a more-expensive-than-anticipated trip to NOLA/Gulf Coast, and lingering expenses from our move in March (like switching cable providers) along with Mr. Bacon’s new car payment kicking in. Everything seemed to come to a head during April.

And instead of buckling down and being good, I had several moments of weakness and debt fatigue, where I gave in to retail therapy. Most of these purchases were at least fitness-related (bought myself new running shoes, triathlon shorts, bike tires, an entry fee, and an iPod holder for running), but…still. I know better. It all just was overwhelming and now I am totally embarrassed and ashamed of my numbers. Although interestingly enough, I was actually within budget when it came to groceries, dining out, and car expenses–the usual budget categories. I guess I really went over when it came to taxes, travel expenses, and shopping.

I’m “only” one month behind my originally conservative game plan, but I had gotten really far ahead. We haven’t even started our wedding fund yet.

I am sad. 😦 But trying to get the courage to pick myself back up and tackle the debt monster once again… Any advice on how to get back on the horse?


5 thoughts on “April Anguish, an embarassing update :(

  1. Don’t feel too bad. I’ve had those months and our April and May expeses have not been good either. Ulta and Sephora were calling my name and I answered too many times. Just don’t give up. Try to make a realistic plan to catch up slowly. I’ll be rooting for you~

  2. When we were working toward paying off debt, there would be SO many setbacks. Unexpected expenses, would just creep up, and so would debt fatigue. It was easy to get bummed out about it, but the thing is we never quit and said “well lets just keep spending!!” we just tried harder the next month…and eventually–despite MANY setbacks along the way, we became debt free. you’ll get there. You’ve still got a LONG journey. No use in getting worked up over a minor setback now.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement! Still such a long journey…hmmm. Maybe I’ll make myself an updated “game plan” today and feel better.


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