Monthly Archives: May 2014

Wedding venue!

And…we have a venue!


And a tentative month, September 2015! Yes, we decided to push it back to Fall instead of Spring for more stable weather…

Plus, it’s the vacation home of one of my work clients who generously offered it to us as a venue…for $0! They are about to have some big renovations done, so the later date next year gives everybody more time.

If all goes to plan debt-payoff-wise, I’ll be down to under $35k by next September instead of the $50k in April. And be totally debt-free by our one-year anniversary!


Emptying and “Shopping” My Fridge

So it’s nearly the middle of the month and I’ve only spent $140 of the allotted $500 grocery budget thus far. I usually hit up the grocery store at least once a week, but last weekend, thought “You know what? Let’s keep eating everything in the fridge, freezer, and pantry until we REALLY need to go food shopping.”

I was about to go on Sunday when I did inventory of our freezer and saw we still had a ton of Costco burgers, shrimp, flounder, hot dogs, pork chops, some chicken nuggets and tator tots and chicken tenders, and green beans. In the fridge was red cabbage, red bell peppers, onions, bacon, avocado and guacamole. There’s rice and taco shells in the pantry, amongst other snacks. PLENTY of food to last through Friday! (We are headed out of town Friday night to do a wedding scouting trip, YAY!)

So kind of like Michelle’s “Shop My Closet Project“, I’m just “shopping my fridge” before getting some more stuff. The next grocery trip will probably be a big one to replenish what we’ve got, but it’s amazing how much food we still have when we think we’re “running low” and need to get more.

Anything else wait to go grocery shopping until they absolutely are out of food??

April Anguish, an embarassing update :(


April was terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. New balance: $82,856.75. I paid off $956.63 ($1265 in payments but $309 in interest, bleah). On the bright side, I’m under $83k and have paid off 12.8% of my original loan debt when this blog started. And $956 down is much better than the big fat ZERO in February

…BUT, I put over $800 on my credit cards. My savings (AKA “emergency fund”) is down to $350. So doesn’t that mean I’ve depleted my emergency fund and really paid less than $50 towards debt?! 😦

As my last several posts in April hinted at, it was nothing but expense after expense after expense. There were the huge tax payments I owed, preceded by a more-expensive-than-anticipated trip to NOLA/Gulf Coast, and lingering expenses from our move in March (like switching cable providers) along with Mr. Bacon’s new car payment kicking in. Everything seemed to come to a head during April.

And instead of buckling down and being good, I had several moments of weakness and debt fatigue, where I gave in to retail therapy. Most of these purchases were at least fitness-related (bought myself new running shoes, triathlon shorts, bike tires, an entry fee, and an iPod holder for running), but…still. I know better. It all just was overwhelming and now I am totally embarrassed and ashamed of my numbers. Although interestingly enough, I was actually within budget when it came to groceries, dining out, and car expenses–the usual budget categories. I guess I really went over when it came to taxes, travel expenses, and shopping.

I’m “only” one month behind my originally conservative game plan, but I had gotten really far ahead. We haven’t even started our wedding fund yet.

I am sad. 😦 But trying to get the courage to pick myself back up and tackle the debt monster once again… Any advice on how to get back on the horse?