Paid interest on a security deposit?!

So we finally heard back about our security deposit at the old apartment yesterday. I originally paid $600 (or at least my work did, as they were swell enough to pay my first month’s rent and security deposit last year) and our prorated rent for April was $598, which we didn’t pay yet as we had already moved. I told them to just take it out of the deposit and send us a bill if we owed more, so that we’d at least be close to breaking even.

Imagine my surprise when I got a check back for $17.19 with this detailed breakdown:


Yeah! Apparently they give you back the interest that accrues on your deposit! No way, I’ve never heard of such a thing, in all the places I’ve lived at. I guess there are some tenants that live there for over ten years…

(Also a high five to myself for getting all of the security deposit back…even if it went straight back to rent!)

Anyone else ever get interest paid on a security deposit?!


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