New Orleans, Wrestlemania, and a potential wedding venue!

So two weekends ago was our Gulf Coast trip (Louisiana to Florida). We left Thursday night and flew back home Monday night. It was a great adventure with old and new friends, but ended up costing us more than we planned. Not that I’m surprised–these things are expected! It’s funny, I have a handy-dandy notebook I like to write a bunch of finance things in, and back in January I made rough estimates of $500 for plane tickets and $200 for hotels, which were WAAAAY off. (Wait, actually I think I meant $500 for a plane ticket for myself, and it ended up being $350, or $700 for both of us. So that part isn’t bad after all.)

A lot of things went wrong in terms of logistics and that’s what kinda killed the vacation hotel budget. We originally had a group of 7 or 8 of us going, with most people getting in on Friday afternoon. Well, me and Mr. Bacon found the cheapest flights getting in late Thursday night, and were supposed to spend that night with one of the posse that was renting a place in New Orleans for a month or so. A family emergency meant she wasn’t there at all, and it turned out she hadn’t rented her place in NOLA yet either.

SO… we had to book an extra night’s hotel pretty last-minute as we were the only ones to fly in Thursday. Another friend completely bailed, so it was down to 5 of us, which meant a larger share of splitting up hotel and travel costs. Sunday night should’ve still had 4 of us in town, but the other couple ended up driving back to Texas early, and although my best friend offered to still pay for the half the hotel room for Sunday, I wouldn’t have any of it.

So hotels ended up being over $500 for us, as we had to pay for two nights on our own and split the other two nights. Way more than the $200 I had hoped for! I’m laughing at myself for being so naïve! But hey…it ended up being worth it for all the delicious Cajun food I stuffed myself with–jambalaya, crawfish, crab, turtle soup (!), smoked sausage po’boy (I just love saying PO’ BOY!), gumbo and beignets!!! 😀

And I have to admit it was good to have some alone time with Mr. Bacon on vacation! The trip was for a bike ride adventure, but when it came down to just me and Mr. Bacon in New Orleans on Sunday night after the bike ride, we did what we had to do–which was go to the 30th edition of WRESTLEMANIA! Pretty insane! I don’t follow pro wrestling at all, but my fiancé has absolutely loved it since he was a little boy. I have to admit it was pretty epic being in the Superdome with over 75,000 fans screaming and yelling and booing. I even recognized some of the big names from my childhood–Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold, Jake the Snake, and of course, The Undertaker!

We scored super last minute seats for under $50 each on, just 2 hours before the show. They were club seats somewhere in the middle (not the nosebleeds) that were originally $130 apiece. That was a pretty great deal! So you know, we have fun going on these crazy dates–he went to the circus with me, and I went with him to WrestleMania.

In other news, we also have a huge lead on a wedding venue–one of my clients at work overheard my idea to have a backyard wedding on the Eastern Shore. He happens to have a big house on several acres there (like a summer home, kind of), and has offered to let us use it! We are  going to check it out next month when our weekend schedules align. They are even doing renovations on it this year to open up walls and windows and have a 180-degree view of the water. Pretty exciting!

That’s the scoop for now.


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