The planned stall is over!

I just sent a $1500 payment to Sallie Mae Thursday night and got paid yesterday. Whoop whoop! I’m going to keep most of yesterday’s paycheck for April rent and then the next one (April 4th) can be diverted for the taxes I probably owe. 😦 One of them is the “extra paycheck”! (I get paid biweekly so two months out of the year are “extra paycheck months”.)

Yeah, I still need to do my taxes! I also gotta change all my addresses (at least I did the USPS one), but we also still need to clear out of the apartment completely and then hang up all our pictures up here in the new place. And maaaaybe get a couple new furniture pieces… I know I blogged a week ago about being almost done moving out of the old place, but then we took a break from moving out and instead got settled in. And by “got settled in” I mean, battled it out on the phone with Verion FiOS for an average of an hour each night, grrrrrg. :X

It’s been a debacle that I’ll chronicle in another post, but hey, at least we are up and running with cable and internet again! And even a landline if we actually want to purchase a home phone…weird! It’s been an exhausting last couple weeks, what with moving and then arguing with the cable company every night, but back on topic about being back on track…

Yeah! I was impressed with my checking account balance as I had run the numbers a month ago and had thought my loan payments would be stalled for at least two months with all the latest life changes (mainly the move and the taxes). I think it’s thanks to getting the $900-ish retro-pay post-bonus, along with having an emergency fund! So I went ahead and diverted $1500 over to the evil mistress Sallie Mae, which was my monthly goal amount when I made the Original Game Plan. I won’t get to divert the extra paycheck to the loans as it’ll get delegated to taxes, but considering that I’ve only made one other $1500-ish monthly payoff since this blog was born (excluding the ridiculous $6k I paid in December from the Christmas bonus), let me give myself a genuine pat on the back. Which we all need to do more of; I think most of us PF bloggers are pretty hard on ourselves! More pats on the backs, please!

So if I can then transition to the “More Aggressive Post-Raise Game Plan”, or the “Aggro Game Plan” for short, starting next month, I’ll actually be under $80k by June, not July as the “planned stall” had guesstimated. Man, I can’t wait! Every $10k is such a big milestone. I also just re-enrolled in automatic debit on my federal student loans (that’s the $224 minimum payment per month). This gives me back my 0.25% decrease in interest, huzzah!

We’ll see how the Aggro Game Plan works out soon enough. If I can follow it starting next month, I’ll be down to under $50k by next April…which is when we want to get married! More wedding-planning posts coming up soon. I’ll have to put down my very naïve (?) ideas of getting married on a budget so that I can possibly laugh at them years and years later. Or not!

Anyone else got good finance news this month to displace the upcoming bad news of possible late March snow again???


4 thoughts on “The planned stall is over!

  1. I couldn’t wait to get Sallie Mae out of my life. I swear I don’t care if I have to sell my kidney, my daughter will never apply for a Sallie Mae loan. Good luck with everything…..every step forward counts.

    1. I know! Sallie Mae = so evil!!! I wish my parents had known more about college funding and the evilness of student loans, they immigrated here in the 70’s though and it was just really important to “go to a good college”. They wanted us to focus on school and not take a part-time job. 😦 I never even had money saved up for grad school (the bulk of the loans) because I was so naive.

  2. Seeing you put down such huge figures is so amazing, you don’t even know! Are you on Twitter? GMD got me into it and I think you should sign up too so I can share your great news with the world (well, all four of my followers lol). Glad to hear you’re settling in and I can’t wait to hear about more wedding plans and debt repayments!! 🙂

    1. Yay thanks!! I’m on Twitter in real life and not sure I’m ready to expose myself completely and connect the two. (i.e. be searchable by employers…) I’m sure I can easily make a second account that is still semi anonymous…thanks so much for all your encouragement! Wedding planning post coming up soon!!


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