the new place vs. the old place: pleasant surprises!

Hey PF kids! We got our keys a whole week early. WOW–that means we got them last Saturday on March 8th, not coincidentally the day after my last post as I’ve been in Crazy Moving Mode and will be internet-less until tomorrow. Our lease at the old place isn’t actually up until April 12th so that gives us a whole 5 weeks to get moved out. However, we’re trying our darnedest to hand in the old keys well before April 1st on the chance they can rent out our old studio and we won’t have to owe any April rent. So far so good, I’m in between the two places again and thought I’d take a dinner & blogging break (with free wifi!) from spackling all the huge holes we left in the walls. 😕

So we’ve transferred 95% of all our stuff over to the new place and have been sleeping there since last Sunday night. Unfortunately, it was on an air mattress until Thursday, when Mr. Bacon’s dad, two sisters, and nephew came to the rescue and made a 2-hour road trip to help move the big furniture while I was at work. (MUCH APPRECIATED!!! I had done a good deal of the grunt work in packing up all the boxes and moving them over in the days prior and was sleep deprived and exhausted all week.)

I thought I’d write up a recap about the many cool new things that I’ve been discovering (and the obvious) about our new place that make us love it so much!

  • We’re in a 3-level townhouse-ish building. Our one-bedroom condo is actually two levels and we go up two short flights of stairs to our place. Previously we were on the 14th story of a 15-story high rise building. That means…
  • No more freakin’ elevator! The worst was hauling your dirty clothes down to the first floor laundry room, and of course you would always forget something–the access card, or the laundry money card, or of course, detergent. ARGH.
  • Now we have our own laundry machines! Two full size machines, not the stackable small variety, including storage above it.
  • The bathroom has a curved shower rod like in hotels! Which makes the shower/bathtub area seem way bigger. I always wanted one in our old studio but realized we weren’t allowed to swap it out since it requires drilling holes.
  • The bathroom has a fan! Yessss!
  • The kitchen has all new granite countertops and stainless steel appliances! (Fridge, oven, dishwasher.) Which leads to all of the following:
  • Our new refrigerator is REALLY SWEET. It’s one of those that have the fridge part on top, and the freezer is a huge drawer that pulls out from the bottom. It also has an ICE MACHINE!!! After over a year of making ice with ice trays, I’m super psyched about this!
  • The tap water (and ice from the ice machine) actually tastes good and isn’t cloudy. This means we can save money from those stupid Brita filters!
  • The kitchen sink is a huge two-compartment sink with a bigger, deeper section. I’m one of those folks that hand-washes a bunch of stuff so this is great! It also has a spray button and the tap comes out like a hose. Neat!
  • The stove is actually one of those fancy ceramic smoothtop ranges. Wow! This will cut down on cleaning time from a gas or electric coil type.
  • The new place is only 50% bigger than our old place (900 sq ft vs. 600) but feels TWICE as big because it’s split in two levels.
  • There’s more storage everywhere, overall. We’ve got an outside storage closet, TWO coat closets, a bigger pantry, the storage above the laundry machines, the storage above the toilet in the bathroom. The walk-in closet is actually quite smaller than our old one, but we’ve got so much more elsewhere in the condo.
  • Parking is super easy and plentiful. Although it’s outside and uncovered, there’s many free spots right by our building. Previously we had covered parking (great for all the winter snowstorms), but it was in an underground garage and I had to go round-and-round down 6 levels just to get my car. Of course I was on the bottom-most floor. The garage was also really narrow (barely enough room for two cars to pass each other going opposite directions) and I was convinced I’d crash into someone, or vice versa.
  • Did I mention we’re paying $305 LESS each month in rent?!

Overall, it feels more like a real grown-up home rather than living in a hotel room or a dorm room in college. Mr. Bacon seems especially happier despite being very anti-moving, but I always knew he was against the moving process and not actually the new neighborhood and new condo!

All right, back to work clearing out the old studio…so close. Next post may be about unexpected costs affiliated with the move. Like breaking contract with Dish Network and switching to Verizon FiOS!


7 thoughts on “the new place vs. the old place: pleasant surprises!

  1. I remember one of the best things about moving to B’s place was having our own washer/dryer – no more pesky quarter hunting or sharing with neighbors!! It sounds like your new digs has a bunch of awesome perks, I would be excited, too! Hope the rest of the move goes well for you. 🙂


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