the once-in-a-leap-year excuse AKA February debt goes (slightly) up!

Another snow day. Which used to be fun, a time to procrastinate, exercise a bit and catch up on blogging, but now that work has gotten busier, it means I’m getting more and more behind and that kind of pisses me off!

Ok, on that note, just a little more procrastinating and why not put up the February update? Yup…so with the planned stall in debt repayment, I only paid the $242 minimum payment for the private loans. As of yesterday (March 2nd) my balance was $85,265.95. The only time my balance will go up, folks! Let’s say once in a leap year, since I’ll definitely be out of debt by the time it’s February 28, 2018. Surprisingly my balance only went up by $1.29 since last month. BOO HISS, yeah I know, but it is what it is and I’m happy it wasn’t much more. I’m thinking that with getting some retro-pay for January and February I can get back to paying off some debt in March. We’ll find out Friday, my next payday.

So February was a short month, 28 days for this leap year or exactly 4 weeks. I actually did well in the regular budget categories…$397 for groceries. Sweet. That means we really do average about $100 per week in groceries? My auto & transport budget was -$17 out of $120. I got a negative number from work reimbursement. Nice! I’m submitting my mileage once a month and I’m getting back at least $120 (some months more, some less), so that helps defer some costs right there. February was a big driving month for work and I should get over $200 back.

The $100 “fun fund” went to date stuff with Mr. Bacon, like a personalized Valentine’s gift from Mandy’s Moon (cheap cute and affordable!), and a movie date to see The Lego Movie in 3D (totally my choice). Damn, movies are so expensive! I couldn’t find an old AMC gift card I had (it’ll show up during the moving process I’m sure) and keep forgetting to get the discounted movie vouchers from Costco. Oh well. Next time.

Unexpected costs came from ponying up $1500 for the security deposit for our new place–this is what would’ve gone towards the student loan debt last month. I also put out $200 to get my mom a purse she really wanted. Mom never asks for anything, so I was more than willing to splurge for her, even though she insists on paying me back. I think it’s cute because she was always my biggest triathlon fan and this is a designer purse with little triathlon cartoons all over it (no, she doesn’t compete at all, but she was always my #1 spectator).

Next up, March! This is moving month! I’m really looking forward to this move as we definitely need a bigger space. At this very moment I’ve temporarily converted our walk-in closet to an impromptu office as me and Mr. Bacon are both home for a snow day. He worked until 3am this morning (see, he’s getting those overtime hours now that he has his own car again, cha-ching!) and turning the lights on in our studio for me to do my work wakes him up.

I’m hoping to keep our moving costs down–other than the obvious security deposit and overlapping rent, we’re having a DIY move with renting a U-Haul for under $100 and recruiting friends. I have lots of boxes at work. We caught a TV commercial for moving our Dish Network for free ( as they originally said it would cost $100 to move everything and reinstall in a new place. But we also might actually have to pay for internet…hmmm. (Comcast installed my internet over a year ago and I never got a bill. I looked into it and apparently my account doesn’t exist! Doot dee doo…) And I really should do my taxes this month. Maybe it won’t be as bad as I’m anticipating? 😦

Hope your February went well and let’s hope this is the last of the Polar Bear Vortexes! If this is the last snow day ever, I won’t be too sad–it’s freakin’ March, Mother Nature! How goes debt repayment and weather in your neck of the woods?


2 thoughts on “the once-in-a-leap-year excuse AKA February debt goes (slightly) up!

  1. Girl, get on the Costco discounted tickets train! I buy in bulk (though at work) just in case we want to see something… did you like the Lego Movie? I want to see it, too! 🙂 That’s so sweet of you to buy your mom a purse, as well – I’m sure she appreciated it! Best wishes for the retro-pay this Friday and for a successful move!! 🙂

    1. Of course the day after I blogged, I found the AMC gift card. Doh!! The Lego movie was awesome, literally, one of the main songs is called “Everything is Awesome!!!” So cute and really witty and funny for the big kids like us out there.


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