input, output in the numbers game

INPUT news: Sadly, my last paycheck still didn’t reflect the raise that I was promised at the beginning of the month due to the unexpected promotion. Before I emailed the head bosses though, I waited for my supervisor to come back from vacation. He already knew about the lack of raise because Head Boss in Charge of Payroll had contacted him, I guess to clarify how much I was supposed to get? So it’s been sorted out…and good news, it’ll be retroactive as of the first of this year! WHOOP WHOOP, hoping that means about $800-$1000 extra in the next paycheck, which will help with all the extra costs in the coming weeks.

OUTPUT news: My current landlord finally got back to us about negotiating after I sent off the email about giving us free parking (after we gave notice nearly a week earlier). I was kind of impressed–she basically offered us $1550 for our studio with parking. Remember, my rent is $1495 and each parking spot is $155 = $1805 total. So, WOW. I had asked for $1495, free parking.

BUT…we had already decided we wanted a larger apartment (which would not be in the $1500 range at all in our current building or surrounding neighborhood), with washer/dryer in the unit. (To tell the truth, we didn’t realize we probably put almost $20 on the laundry card every week–which would cover the utility bill at our next place!). And we already signed a 2-year lease while we were waiting for her to get back to us. So, too little, too late, Mrs. Landlord!

What I learned–hey, next time you think you’re paying too much for rent? Be awesome tenants for a year, then give your two-month notice because rent is too high, and see if your landlord comes crawling back to you to negotiate! This could backfire though–I’m thinking this happened because we live in a high-rise apartment building with multiple units. Probably wouldn’t work as well if we were renting a house or something.

I’m starting to get really excited about our move! While still being busy as crap at work, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

How’s your input and output going?


2 thoughts on “input, output in the numbers game

  1. Awesome with your raise being retro’ed until the 1st! Our input/output was mostly wedding stuff – we made up for it thankfully, and now going to output it by going on a honeymoon and investing the rest! Hope your move goes well! 🙂


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