Work Changes in 2014… already?!

So it’s 7am and they are calling for 6 to 10 inches of snow today in the DC area. Schools are officially closed, as is the federal government, but today I’m working in our private office instead of the government one. SO…I don’t think I’m getting the snow day phone call since work typically starts at 8. 😦

What would I love to do on a snow day? Jump on my bike (even if it’s indoors) for a couple hours, take a nap, and catch up on blogging like last time. 😀 What should I do on a snow day? Catch up on all this office paperwork, bleah! I brought my work laptop home for the 3-day weekend but am pretty terrible about catching up on work during weekends and holidays.

Work-wise, 2014 has started off with a BANG! And by “BANG!” I mean one of my coworkers at the private office went AWOL the first Monday of the year for two weeks. He is having a meeting this morning with the bosses and his fate looks grim. I’m not sympathetic as he was extremely inconsiderate to the rest of his coworkers and all the clients he personally worked with. We didn’t hear from him for almost a week! The bosses have said his latest shenanigans (he actually left the country and lied about his whereabouts) are probably the best thing to ever happen for my career. I’ve been crazy busy the last couple weeks that he’s disappeared, covering all of his work on top of mine.

Previously I’d been working in both offices (private and government) and both have their pros/cons, but I didn’t like the bouncing back and forth so much. Working in the private office I actually have a better sense of ownership over my work, but we get to do cooler stuff in the government office. So it seems they are transitioning me to the private office full-time (or rather…it just happened). This should also mean a promotion for yours truly, once the dust settles, as the inconsiderate coworker had a higher position than mine, and I’ve been doing both of our work.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll go into work this morning and they will send us home before the snow gets heavy. Cross your fingers!

Anyone got tips for negotiating a salary or promotion when stuff like this happens at work?


6 thoughts on “Work Changes in 2014… already?!

  1. You can ride a bike for a couple of hours?? What kind of seating do you have? I’m pretty over it after one hour of spin. 😉 But I agree that was pretty inconsiderate of your coworker – what was his excuse? Yay for you impending promotion, keep us posted! For negotiations, perhaps high ball since they’ll most likely low ball (then it usually meets a middle ground)? Best wishes either way!!

    1. Yeah! I have one of those funny looking seats, the ISM saddle ( I can ride it for five or six hours 🙂 So I’m thinking my coworker was trying to get fired on purpose. He couldn’t handle all the stress of the job (which is turning out to be more and more time consuming by the week, will update the blog shortly) and just cracked. Who knows, nobody really got along with him anyway, so good riddance!!


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