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a totally belated October report…

Okay! A little (lot?) bit quiet on the blogging front, and silence on a PF blog usually means feeling guilty about not sticking to the frugal-ness and financial goals. šŸ˜¦ Guilty as charged! I missed the First Friday monthly report to go over how October went, and now it’s nearly the end of November. So I plan to get right back on track with a November report next week, but first I have to get this October one out of the way.

I was inspired and nudged by Anna’s post on “Re-focusing and finding that line” and realized that I hit a bit of a slump in between paying off the credit card debt and diving into the student loans. I guess it didn’t help that I got a huge bonus at work, which both paid off the remaining credit card and was more than enoughĀ to let myself indulge a little. Ok, more than a little. A blessing and a curse!

That was only supposed to be for the month of September, but the lax spending habits spilled into October. šŸ˜¦ I had also mentioned that we just went to California earlier this month (November) so during the second half of October there were some expenses prepping for that trip. Some money was juggled around a bit, and the big chunks of money I had meant to start throwing at Sallie Mae ended up going to the trip fund. But C’est la vie, I’m trying not to beat myself up over it, and instead this month I’m sending that first big chunk over to that evil mistress, Sallie Mae.

So without further ado, the updated number: $93,605.53.

It’s only $283.35 less than last month, and I realized that I looked up these numbers on the 13th of the month (11/13/13) which sadly meant that there were 3 student loan minimum payments that were automatically sent to Sallie Mae (always on the 6th and the 20th, $242 and $224 respectively) totally $707.82. WHAT! So I ended up paying $424.47 in interest.

GRRRRRRRRG. I hate only paying the minimum amount! October is going to be the last month it ever happens!

In other news, most of my budgets in October were followed pretty well (CA trip not included), but I’m particularly proud of following my food budgets!

Fast food: $42 spent out of $60 budgeted
Groceries: $452 out of $550
Restaurants: $38 out of $65

So, yaaaay. Aaaaand…that’s all I remember from the month of October. That was so over a month ago! Now for 3 more days of being a good spender, and then I’ll have my November report up soon too. Thanks for reading!