September report! 1st monthly bacon update

here we go! Or not… Ok my first “first Friday” finance update on this new blog is over 2 weeks overdue. 😥 I did start the draft on time though!

Since interest compounds every day, I thought I’d get updated numbers based on the current balance as of the first Friday of each month. Then I realized I always start writing my Friday posts on Thursday. So I pulled the numbers on the Thursday before first Friday (which isn’t always first Thursday if the month starts on a Friday…).

current balance as of 10/3/2013. $93,888.88
previous balance from 9/5/2013. $95,026.87
difference = -$1,137.99

Woohoo, right??

Well kinda…but I actually paid $241.92 (Sallie Mae #1) + $223.98 (Sallie Mae #2) + $974.45 (remaining balance on ACS) = $1,440.35.

Wait! That’s a $302.36 difference that I accrued in interest? That makes me mad to see that! I guess it’s good I’m forcing myself to post these numbers because it keeps me fired up about paying off the student loans. On the plus side, I paid off my ACS loan completely so now I’ve only got the Sallie Mae loans left.

September was a budget-relaxed time for the “entertainment fund” and it was nice to buy things without feeling guilty. I did end up going over what I intended and now two-thirds through October am having some trouble reigning myself in…which may explain why I’ve procrastinated on blogging anything. Well, the head-on-the-sand approach doesn’t ever work well in personal finance, so I’m ready to be good again. Let’s get back to our saving and budgeting goals, shall we??

What I did do great in September was buckle down on the grocery budget. It was in the $350-399 range when I lived on my own…but had been creeping up in recent months, especially with the addition of Mr. Bacon as my roommate in May. $450, $550, then up to nearly $700 in August, yikes! September it went back under $600 and the goal for October and henceforth is to keep it in the $500-550 range, if not less. I’m not sure how much other folks spend on groceries–but I tend to cook most of my meals and always bring my own lunch to work, minimize dining out and buying fast food.

As for what’s on schedule in October, there was my last triathlon of the season and we’re preparing for a big 9-day trip to California in early November. The little bro is getting married, so I do need to get a wedding outfit and set aside some travel money. The plane tickets have been taken care of (thanks to frequent flier miles. yeah!) but as it’s Mr. Bacon’s first trip to the west coast we’re planning to do some touristy things.

That’s the scoop! And, of course, Halloween costumes.


4 thoughts on “September report! 1st monthly bacon update

  1. Great job on the ACS loan payoff! Hundreds in interest is really lame, so I’m glad you’re fired up about it… makes me wish I had started blogging sooner, as well, as I paid horrendous amounts of interest that angers me (over my stupidity, mostly). I’d like to keep our food budget around your range, as well, so I’m hoping to do that. Safe travels to Cali – I’m curious to know what part (though if it’s too personal, no worries). Congrats to your brother and I hope you have a blast. 🙂

    1. Thanks Anna!! Good to hear my food budget sounds reasonable, at least to you anyway! My family is from San Francisco (where the wedding will be) but we also want to do a road trip to LA, touristy stuff and drive down the coast the scenic way. Can’t wait!!


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