Task #2 and new tasks

#2. Import Sallie Mae loan accounts into Mint.com.

Task #2 was pretty darn easy. I actually did it over a week ago and it didn’t seem worthy of an entire blog post. So it seemed it was just a matter of making sure the Mint.com servers were communicating properly with the Sallie Mae servers. I mentioned in my last post how scary it is that the interest on the Sallie Mae loans compounds DAILY. That means if I refresh my Mint app every day (sounds refreshing, Mint, refresh, you know? ahaha) I can actually see the numbers going up each day. Sobering motivation right there!

Now that I’ve knocked down two tasks, I figured it’s time to add two more. I’m trying to constantly have a list of 3 tasks to do, to keep things rolling.

Task #4. Look into the online refund for those dumb running shoes I bought and returned, but haven’t gotten refunded for yet. It was a stupid mistake, but I learned my lesson. For some reason I thought it was a great deal to buy a pair of those Hoka One One’s to try out and instead of physically trying them on at a store, I found them on super sale online. Dumb ass. Having worked in running shoe stores and fit many people with shoes over the years, this was super dumb. I know.

Task #5. Sell the Keurig machine. I used to drink more coffee, like one or two cups a day. From the Keurig. It took up too much countertop space and also the K-cups are super expensive, even if you do stockpile the 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond. So I moved onto a mini Mr. Coffee maker, but because it’s sketchy how much coffee it actually makes, I was then probably drinking at least 2 or 3 cups a day. I’ve decided to cut way, way back since then, only consuming one cup maybe every other day. The Keurig has not been used in a while, not to mention how ridiculously expensive it is to buy the K-cups…even when you have a stash of 20% off Bed Bath &Beyond coupons that never expire.



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