the first 3 tasks…

Finance Fridays! Here we go!

Just this morning, I posted my final credit card update on the old FUCCD blog, taking it down to zero. ZERO! Yay! Still patting myself on the back for that one! 😀 Now in moving forward, I’m going to cut myself some slack in September and recover from the inevitable debt fatigue that had set in those final months. This month will involve distribution of that hard-earned bonus money–yes, spending some of it on both necessary and not-so-necessary things, but also replenishing the very sad emergency fund (shriveled down to $37) and paying off the smallest student loan I’ve got. I’ll also get this blog off the ground, which is the foundation for helping me organize my thoughts and battle plan against Sallie Mae.

I noticed a lot of PF bloggers will declare monthly goals, although sometimes it seems like they are more like New Year’s resolutions, in that the goals get pushed back and procrastinated on. I think instead of having “goals”, I will call them “tasks.” Mentally, a task is something that I have to do, and if I think of it that way, it should get done more quickly. I also don’t want to get overwhelmed with a huge list of tasks, so I will stick with 3 at a time to focus on and conquer. I won’t have set deadlines, but will be checking in on Finance Fridays (maybe even more frequently) and if I finish one task, it will get replaced with a new one. Maybe I will even start a “task list” tab!

Here are my first 3 tasks!

#1. Update the student loan numbers. I’d like to have updated totals on my current balances as of this week (the birth of the Great Bacon Payoff), and dig up what the original loan amounts were to see how much progress I’ve actually made in the last 7 years. Depressing or not, let’s get a reality check! 😦

#2. Import Sallie Mae loan accounts into I’ve been using the app since I embarked on Project FUCCD and love it as a budgeting tool. A year ago, I was having trouble importing my Sallie Mae accounts and gave up (although according to Google, it seems like a common glitch that is now resolved). It was already discouraging to have reminding me I had over $10k in credit cards and I really didn’t want to see that I also had $95k in student loans even though we all knew it. But now that the credit cards are gone and done, I can put on my big girl panties and am not afraid to face the next enemy!

#3. Get an updated credit score and credit report. Yowch. I don’t actually know what my credit score is and the last time I checked was back in early 2011. I was even dumb enough to sign up for one of those bullsh*t websites where they automatically deducted $14.95 from your account each month so they could “monitor” your credit. I’ve procrastinated on getting my shiny new credit score until I paid off my credit cards off. I know, excuses, excuses. Let’s just get ‘er done!

Ok. Stepping stones for The Payoff Plan have been set! What do you guys think of calling them “tasks” vs. “goals” vs. “resolutions”? And where’s a legit place to get a free credit score and/or credit report?


3 thoughts on “the first 3 tasks…

  1. Did you see my blog post from this week on

    First up you should be able to get their monthly charge as low as $5.99. Second, the credit rating they give you is fake. You really only interested in your FICO score and even that can be percentage points out on the score your bank or other lender would get. All the credit report websites that give you a score are the same.

    What they are marginally useful for is monitoring you credit score to see if it changes significantly but there are better services to do ID style monitoring.

    Your credit score doesn’t really change much if you pay the card off, and don’t close them. What the score does is reflect how much of your available credit you are using. So it’s better to have a bunch of open accounts and not use them. Of course, you dont want to paying fees for those accounts, equally opening up new free ones will in the short term hurt your score.

    Good luck

    1. thanks Mark! This is the task I’m still procrastinating on. I don’t really care about monitoring my credit every month enough to pay anything per month. Should I??


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